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Jesenia. Im 20yrs old living in beautiful California. Education in Criminal Justice. Blessed with an amazing temporary job while in pursuit of my dream career as a Police Officer. My blog consists of tattoos, girls, muscles, quotes, personal thoughts, cop stuff, military stuff, workout stuff, lesbian stuff, cute dog stuff and simply things that make me smile.

"In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart."
-Anne Frank


nigga if a girl wants to talk to you every minute of the day, wants to talk on the phone to hear your voice, wants you to send her pictures because she likes seeing your face, wants to introduce you to her friends and family, willing to travel distance for you, wants to smother you with affection, waits for you no matter how long, sticks by your side no matter how much wrong you’ve done

like dude she fucking loves you man dont fucking waste a good girl like that 

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